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With the increase of the rapid use of computers in daily life of common people, the need of improvising computer security is also increasing. Sometimes software is not enough to protect the computer as it is estimated that there is over 120,000 computer infections such as viruses, spyware, malware and Trojan. Also approximately 90,000,000 Spam and emails are sent out each day.

While working on the computers having internet connection, you can face several technical issues because malicious programs like viruses, malware spyware and Trojan get entry into your system. These issues include applications taking more time than usual in responding or some programs not working properly. These harmful programs steal your important and private information and take away your system s performance. So if you want to save your system from any error then you need to install good and updated antivirus software. One such program is AVG Antivirus.

AVG is a family of antivirus and security software for your operating system be it Microsoft Windows, Linux or Mac OS. It is quite suitable for Windows 2000 and onwards.

AVG antivirus offers a number of compelling features and right technology to provide complete protection to your PC. It has been reviewed as one of the best antivirus product. It offers a very good solution that delivers advanced protection and simple use. It is one the most downloadable antivirus software for the PC security. It is fully armed to protect your system from a number of threats. The software includes antivirus and antispyware protection as well as complete online protection from harmful downloads. 

It features common functions available in modern internet security program like scans of sent and received emails, the ability to repair some virus-infected files, and area in which infected files are held. AVG 2011 has come up with new innovative features and improved performance. These features are social networking protection and LinkScanner. We can say it is better than ever.

AVG protects from scams, adware, malware that target your PC through email. It also provides protection against worms and Trojan. It has also increased its level of online protection, using advanced shields to protect you from threats wherever they come from.

Effectiveness:• It is perfectly adequate antivirus software when it comes to protection of your PC, and is certainly effective.

• Their detection rates are not as impressive as some of the other antivirus software reviewed, but the security software is by no means ineffective.

• It uses one of the most effective antivirus scanners, and has pretty good performance to provide enough protection.

• AVG s strength comes from the multiple layers and advanced technology that they utilize.

• Their core scanning engine is great, but it is also backed up by a proactive heuristic detection, cloud security and the AVG Protection Network.

• Also it is easy to download and install and Simple to use and navigate.


It is easy to install and use but many a times people who are not tech savvy find it difficult to install and use. In such cases you can opt for online technical support.

• Installation of AVG product.

• Its update on regular interval of time.

• Complete reliability and security of your data and other important information.

Features on online antivirus support services

• Installation and up gradation of your antivirus software program on your system.

• Finding and eliminating viruses, malware and other nuisance matter taking away your system s performance and speed.

• Best guidance from technically certified professionals who are available to guide you 24×7.

• More reliable and less time required to repair your computer system.

• Cost effective technical support services with a very high efficiency.

• It is certainly a better and cheaper option than calling a technician to your premises or taking a PC to the repair shop.

If you are looking for antivirus software that can give you and your PC complete protection then AVG antivirus is the solution.

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