Vocational Training the Key Prospect of New Generation

Vocational Training the Key Prospect of New Generation

Before the advent of computer technology, with large numbers of unskilled labourers needed to work in manufacturing and service industries, it wasn’t considered necessary or advisable to provide much by way of vocational training for adults. Then vast advances in technology led to the need for a more highly skilled workforce so that today post-16 education is the focus of much attention and debate.

Learning new skills

Learning for all – lifelong learning – is now a key EU priority, while in the UK the Government is heavily promoting skills-based learning to meet employer needs through its “Train to Gain” program. All this means that vocational training is now more readily available to people who want to study beyond their school leaving age. And with an increasingly diverse range of distance learning courses, skills based training has never been more accessible.

IT, training and home study 

As technology has advanced and costs have come down, more and more people have access to the internet in their homes. Over two thirds of British homes already have access – with that number continuing to increase on a daily basis. As this new technology has secured such an important place in our lives both in and outside of work, it’s no surprise that demand has risen for IT training courses to keep up with new developments. There are now vast numbers of IT home study courses available across the UK. You can find IT courses for learning how to use word processing, spreadsheet and digital photo software. And at the other end of the scale there are home learning courses that can lead to professional IT qualifications.

More vocational courses

Increasing internet access means vocational distance learning courses are likely to increase in popularity. As email becomes a natural means of communication, sending and receiving information and assignments over the net will feel perfectly normal. As people live longer, there may also be an increase in distance learning courses for retired people who want to use their time productively or to earn extra money to improve their quality of life. At the same time, younger people, not wanting to run up huge debts at university, may be demanding instead, courses they can study at home while they are working part or full-time.

The future of home learning

As technology develops further, we can expect to see an increase in the range and quality of vocational courses available to study at home. New methods of teaching will include online classrooms, video meetings with tutors and other students and instant messaging dialogues and feedback. Sharing experiences and information will be fast, easy and kinder to the planet too.

Whatever the future of vocational distance learning, one thing is for certain, the desire to learn is a powerful human motivator as is the need to earn money for a full life outside of work. The notion that a person’s learning is over once they’ve completed their formal education is now well and truly a thing of the past.

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