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Installation and Setup Procedure

For installation please follow the below mentioned steps:

1.  Download the demo setup file of ShreeECSWP and double click to start the installation procedure.

2.  To go for the default setup procedure, click next on every question asked.

3.  After installation, start the software.

4.  Click the activation button located on the startup screen.
5.  Please feed the 20 digit serial key which you got after the purchase, in the text boxes provided.

6.  After feeding the registered email id and serial key, click submit. The software will calculate the hardware id which is displayed after few seconds. Before proceeding  Make sure you have a live internet connection. 

7.  Click activate serial key button. If everything works fine the software will display a message that your serial key is activated successfully.

8.  Click evaluate/exit button. 

9.  Restart the software.

10.  Start using your software in the full version mode.

Please remember

In case you have changed your computer system/CPU/mother board after activating the previous serial key. In that case the license key won't work, so please contact techsupport@shreewaretechnologies.com with your invoice details. After verification of your documents, we will deactivate your previous registered hardware id from our server so that you can reactivate the previous serial key with fresh hardware id.
Rest, for the activation of your software you have to follow the same above mentioned steps from 1-10. 
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