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Flow Chart

  1. Download ShreeAMS demo software.
  2. Evaluate it for 14 days.
  3. If satisfied and decided to buy, click buy now button available on demo software or simply open up any browser and type shreewaretechnologis.com in the address bar.
  4. The software will take you to the ShreeAMS purchase page.
  5. Click buy now button.
  6. Make use of coupon, if available.
  7. Go to checkout page.
  8. If you are already registered on shreewaretechnologies.com login else the system will create fresh account and send the credentials to your email id.
  9. Choose Payumoney to pay the cost.
  10. On payment completion shreewaretechnologies.com will send you the invoice and serial key on your registered email id.
  11. Note down the serial key and feed the registered email id and the serial key in text-box provided.
  12. Click submit button. Now the software will calculate the hardware id and display it.
  13. Click activate hardware id button, make sure your system is having an active internet connection.
  14. If everything works fine the software will display that your serial key is active now.
  15. Click activate serial key button and restart your system.
  16. Congratulations your software is converted to full version.
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