Wireless Printing

Wireless Printing

Technology has come far over the past few decades. This fact is evidenced by the fact that you canandrsquo;t watch a movie that is only ten or fifteen years old without fighting the urge to giggle at some of the technology being used; case in point:

The Net starring Sandra Bullock, 1995. This is a movie about conspiracy and espionage in the modern age of computers but the technology used is a far cry from the sophisticated technology of todayandrsquo;s world.andnbsp; If you go back a bit further to films set in the late 1980andrsquo;s or early 1990andrsquo;s you will find that the technology in 1995 was far superior to that which was used in the earlier films.

One of the most exciting advances in the technological world is the ability to print wirelessly. This can be accomplished by either using your Wi-Fi connection on your home or office network, or through the use of a Bluetooth enabled printer and device combination. With the Wi-Fi connection you can print to any print that you have access to within a radius of about 100 feet from your laptop or desktop printer with Wi-Fi enabled.

With Bluetooth, the choices are even better. You can print to a Bluetooth-enabled printer from any Bluetooth-enabled device; this can be your computer or laptop, but it also includes such things as a cell phone or digital camera. Bluetooth technology is making the job of printing a lot simpler. Another added benefit of choosing Bluetooth is that you would no long have the necessity to keep your network server computer running at all times.

Manufacturers are making it simpler to get started with wireless printing, too. They are making printers that are built to be either Bluetooth-compatible (you would have to purchase a spate Bluetooth component to make it work) or Bluetooth-enabled (the Bluetooth component is built-in and ready to go out-of-box). But, another way that they have made the job simpler is through the development of devices (such as a wireless print server) that you can use to make your older printers that are not wireless-ready into wireless printers.

The setup of a wireless printer is something that anyone can do. By making things as simple as possible for the consumers, manufacturers can guarantee the success of their business. Spending the money for the research and development necessary to make the installation and setup of a wireless printing system as easy as it can possibly be is simply good for business.

By using the available technologies and integrating everything to be used together, the market for selling these items is widened. You can set up a wireless printer quickly, easily and affordably. There are a few precautions, though. You do need to be aware of your computer operating system and other computer information in order to pick up the right pieces of hardware for your needs and if you are using wireless technology, you really need to password protect any wireless connection you set-up to make sure that other people cannot access it. But, other than that, there really is no downside to purchasing the necessary equipment and getting started with wireless printing.

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