What are mother boards?

What are mother boards

Computer peripheral devices are those hardware types which are added to a host computer. The purpose of adding these devices is to enhance the capabilities of the computer. Another description would be that peripheral devices are those devices which are optional in the running of a computer unlike the basic devices like the motherboard, microprocessor, RAM and Hard disk which are totally essential. Peripheral devices can be added to the computer internally with direct connections to the motherboard via cables, or externally where they are connected to the motherboard via a BUS like a USB or a Universal Serial Bus. Some common external peripheral devices include printers and scanners.

Any basic computer that has been completely set up is ready to be used as a gaming device. The basic necessities like a motherboard, microprocessor and RAM come standard on any computer. To run a standard game the basic configurations will suffice, but if you are an ardent gamer who needs real life graphics and proper theater effect surround sound, then the basic configuration will look like a piece of junk to you. What you need is high performance specifications that will give you that real life experience. High performance components will give you an experience that is just unparalleled, yet it will also burn a hole in your pocket as these components do not come cheap. Some basic knowledge is all that is initially needed to be able to select the configuration for a high performance computer.

When looking to setup a high performance computer, the most basic component that has to produce high performance is the motherboard. Asus motherboards are the best at this job. Intel boards are good but not good enough for high performance activities. The next most important thing is the microprocessor. Intel offers dual core processors which offer double the processing speed at lower clock speeds. They are the best. If you wish to scrimp a little bit you can buy an AMD dual core processor which will cost a little less. Keep watching the market as soon there will be quad core microprocessors from Intel selling at really low prices.

With the motherboard and microprocessor selected, the next most important component is RAM. A minimum of two gigabytes of RAM is recommended for extensive graphics usage. DDR3 RAM is the latest offering greater storage and retrieval capacity but it obviously costs more.

The next most important component is the video card. The video card is the device that shall take the bulk of video processing and shall play a major role. The video card conventionally fits into the AGP slot of the motherboard but newer cards have more recently been coming with PCI express connections which offer better transfer speeds. The most commonly used Graphics card is the NVidia GE Force range of video cards or the ATI brand of video cards.

For the ultimate surround sound experience a good set of speakers is essential. Speakers like Creative with 5.1 or 7.1 channel surround sound capability are the best and work great with sound cards. If you plan to operate just a normal set of two speakers then installing a sound card would prove to be a futile exercise. A good quality audio card would along with the speakers split the incoming audio channel into various channels, thus giving the computer user a surround sound effect.

In addition to this basic hardware, the ultimate gaming experience is created by the availability of the various gaming devices available on the market. Computer gaming peripherals range from joysticks to driving wheels. With the ultimate setup to suit your gaming style ready, go on into the virtual world of computer gaming.

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