IT Training – Computer Network Security

IT Training - Computer Network Security

Advances in computer technology is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it affords us quick and easy access to numerous conveniences such as bank statements, favorite shopping centers, school and health records, and more. On the other hand, it can also grant the same access to those who aren’t supposed to get it.

With this in mind, hacking has without doubt hastily became the largest annoyance in computer crime to date Make no bones about it. These days, there are groups of persons who have managed to steal the identities and personal information of innocent people. What they do with this information is that they will vend these identities to other individuals so that they can pass ignored through the scheme. The reality is that the only way to stop this from happening is to cut it from the source and foil it from continuing.

There is immense importance based on the safety of computers and computer networks these days, I will continue to talk about the basic measures you the individual can take to nip in the bud themselves from being a victim of this sin. You will be glad and in some cases amazed that all you need to make a difference is some software and some good old general wisdom.

1. Install an anti-virus/anti-spyware program. Anti-virus/anti-spyware software will stop malicious code from downloading and installing onto your computer while you peruse the Internet.

Known as viruses, worms, or spyware, this malicious code can destroy important files and render your computer good for only one thing: sending sensitive data back to the server of an identity thief.

2. Make sure that your essential information is not on your PC. As an alternative of keeping your personal password and bank details on your PC, see if you can keep them on bits of document locked away in a safe location.

The motive behind this is that if you don’t have anything responsive on your PC you wont need to concern too much about it getting into the incorrect hands. Instead all you will need to do is restore your system to the earlier setting before any virus was found. A simple computer restore found in the control panel of windows can aid you with this.

3. Make sure you make it a everyday objective to scan each file you unlock with some antivirus program. It was advised not to long ago that it was sensible not to open any files from people or individuals you did not individually know. Today, its advised not to open these files from ANYONE until you skim these files first. As this is the most important cause and reason as to why these hateful programs spread through the internet in the first place. So even though your co-worker may have emailed a funny video, it’s no more safe to open than a video downloaded from a complete stranger. Be safe and scan each and every file you download from the Internet or receive through email regardless of where it came from.

4. Invest a firewall on your system. What this can do is that it will create a hurdle sandwiched between your PC and other systems on the internet. This can really prevent such actions by the hacker like identity thievery. If you don’t already understand, a firewall is just a program like an antivirus program that checks all the information passing to and from a system and then will block any data that it deems unsatisfactory.

5. Learn to find spam emails. This is the number one means in which hackers will endeavor to gain your information. It is paramount that you can detect what different kinds of emails are spam and what are not. It is ordinary for the links to be found in spam emails to be risk-free, this is only because the hacker wishes to trick the individual who recieved the message in giving up his or her information once they reach the destination page.

Your best protection against computer crimes is your own knowledge. Hopefully the suggestions above will prompt you into taking appropriate action and into protecting your computer with the suggested tools. In doing so, you’ll not only protect yourself, you’ll prevent the spread of these malicious activities and protect others at the same time.

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