All About Content Marketing

All About Content Marketing

There are many different aspects to good internet marketing, which include SEO, press releases, social media marketing, influencer marketing and more. Once upon a time, internet marketing could mean simply picking one of these facets – such as SEO – and then trying to spam it until a site got to the top of Google and started getting thousands of views.

Today though, this method just doesn’t work and in fact is much more likely to get you penalized by Google. Today, the only way to succeed online is by delivering quality and the best way to do that is by updating your blog regularly. This is the central tenant of content marketing and as you will see, content marketing can provide the backbone of your entire digital marketing strategy…

What is Content Marketing?

So just what is content marketing? Well, essentially, content marketing means that you are going to promote your website via content and you’re going to use this to bring more people to your website and to get them to engage with your brand. People are not going to visit your website or blog out of the goodness of their heart; they will go there because they are looking for something and that something will normally be content.

People use the web to find information, for entertainment or for news – all of which means content. Your core strategy then is going to be to publish content to a blog regularly and to use this as a way to gradually bring in more and more visitors. Eventually, this should allow you to establish trust and authority within your niche and to build a big following of regular readers who want to find your content.

Your content is also what you’re going to use to succeed in the various other types of internet marketing. Over the next few chapters, you’ll see how content is essential and for SEO as well as for social media. That’s because content is what people are searching for on Google and it is what you will mainly share on social media.But the aim is not to bring people to your site in the short term to make sales.

Rather, your aim is to get people to subscribe to your site, to bookmark it and to read it regularly.The way this works is simple: first, a visitor finds your site ones on Google or via a social media post. The article looks and sounds interesting, they read it and hopefully they have a good experience. But that’s not going to lead to a sale and it’s not going to lead to a subscriber in most cases.

Rather, they will just make a mental note that your site was reliable and interesting and so if they see a post from you again on their travels, they will be more likely to read it the next time. It’s important that your branding and web design game is strong as this will ensure that they recognize the fact that they’re returning to a website that they have already seen once before.

Eventually, you’ll get to the point where they have a question and they decide to turn to you for advice. They know you’re reliable, they know they enjoy the way you write and so it makes sense that they’ll seek you out when they want to know something. At this point, you have their trust and it will be much easier for you to persuade them to make a purchase or to read your site regularly.

Eventually, they’ll become regularly subscribers and they’ll start actively looking into whatever you’re posting next. This will then mean you have a captive audience and the next time you want to sell a product, you’ll be able to!
And no – this strategy is not just for online businesses or ebooks.

This strategy can likewise work for a highstreet store or a hair dressing company – it’s all about getting more people to read your content regularly so that you have built that audience and that trust. Of course, some internet marketing strategies might rely less on content marketing than others, but this is an activity that every business should be engaged in. And it all revolves around providing value for free.

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