Attendance Management System

  • Easily Integrate with RFID Hardware
  • Separate Admin Manager
  • Inbuilt Management Information System
  • Can Act as a Notice Board
  • Can Work on a Windows Tablet
  • Can Easily Transfer Data Using Email or USB Drive
  • Can Make It Single / Multiple Entry Based


1. Simple and User Friendly

ShreeAMS is a RFID based Attendance Management System. A small and cheap RFID reader can be placed near the school or company entrance.

To put his attendance in the database, the student/employee has to just touch his RFID card on the reader at the time of entry and exit, isn’t it is that simple.

2. Separate Admin Manager

A separate admin module will tell you about the history, current status and MIS of the student/ employee. This feature is very helpful to calculate his total attendance.

3 Notice Board

It can be used as a small notice board also. If the administrator want to give small notices about holidays, wishes or anything else, he can do so in settings. Even he can add the different categories of quotes to motivate his staff.

Pros & Cons
  • Cheap in comparison with rivals.
  • Fast Performance.
  • Can automatically send daily emails to administrator, if internet is available. 
  • Administrator can choose between single entry or multiple entry. 
  • Clearing the previous data automatically after the specified time in settings. This makes the system light and fast. 
  • Administrator can manually copy the attendance data on USB. 
  • Bulk uploading of holiday list. 
  • Bulk uploading of employees/ student data. 
  • First year free updates.
  • Resolution friendly software, even can work on windows 10 Tablet(10" minimum).
  • 30 days refund policy.
  • Hardware is not provided by us.
  • Presently we are selling our software's to Indian customers only.
  • No onsite support services. The support service is only provided by ticket support system or by email.
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