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Yes, we sell our software’s through codecanyon.net, which is a global platform.


After purchasing the software from codecanyon.net, login again and click the download button. Go to the purchased software list and click download combo button and click all files and documentations. Extract and use 

Sorry, we are not dealing in any kind of hardware.

We agree that some of our software requires special kind of hardware and without that they can not operate. For example, ShreeAMS require RFID Reader and RFID cards for its functioning. However we have given a link in the ShreeAMS documentation section from where you can purchase that hardware.

It is not necessary that you should purchase from that link only. We have just mentioned that link to make you understand what type of hardware our software wants for its operation.

If you still have any doubt, it is always better for you to ask our tech support before purchasing the hardware.

All files can be downloaded immediately from codecanyon.net after your purchase.

Customisation requires time and effort. It depends on the type of customisation you requested.

If the suggestion is about a small feature, may be we will add it in the upcoming versions. If it is related with a big feature and is also feasible to us then you have to pay for that customisation separately. 

For the customisation request, please email at shreewaretechnologies@gmail.com.

Mainly for technical support we give our support services using ticket support system and for general/sales queries you can use email.

Usually we do reply with in 24-48 hrs time on all working days. However we always advice you to read the FAQ’s, documentation and forums before asking the questions.

Our blogs are also meant to increase your knowledge and are really beneficial to those who are having very less knowledge about computer technologies.

Most of our software’s run on windows tablet. However the screen size should not be less than 10″. If they are not it is clearly mentioned in the documentation.


Please remember as we are using windows based platform therefore it is mandatory for you to use window based tablet.

Please check the documentation for system requirements.

We are sorry to inform you that we are not providing any kind of onsite services.

However, if the situation is critical we may use the remote desktop connection or the third party tools to connect and rectify the client machine.

  • Do remember that the general/sales queries can be solved at any time. However, the technical support services is only provided to those customers whose support services are presently active(Within one year after purchase).

In both cases the reply time will be from 24 to 48 hrs on all working days(Monday to Saturday IST).

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