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Without the free flow of data, modern organisations cannot function. They rely on data, data retrieval, storage and security to carry out their daily business functions. With the advent of computer networking in the business environment it’s never been more important to manage databases and ensure that the people responsible for them are fully competent in all aspects of database management.

The work carried out by database administrators is vital and is essential to every aspect of business – be that logistics, payroll or general data supply to other work colleagues. Administrators ensure that this continuous flow of information is not only fast and readily available to everyone who needs it, but is accurate and as up to date as possible. It’s a position that is ideally suited for someone who is methodical and analytical in their thinking and enjoys working with complex systems that are constantly changing and evolving.

Retraining as a database manager is much easier than it seems. The position is one that is recognised as being pivotal to the smooth running of any business, whether that’s a multi-million pound organisation or a small business. Most databases operate the same user systems, so training in the most popular database programmes is a good way to further your career and to expand your skills set into one that can be transferred between careers. Accreditation is the key, and with some of the biggest IT skills providers now offering easy access to accredited courses, retraining to be a database administrator has never been easier.

One of the most prized certificates to aim for is the MCDBA certificate – the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator. Gaining the MCDBA accreditation really can open international doors for your career and also offers the opportunity of continual career development through extra certification designed to work alongside the basic course.

The best way to retrain as a database administrator is through distance learning packages offered by IT skills specialist providers. In this way you can continue in your current career whilst retraining for a new one, or even perhaps persuade your manager to sponsor you to develop your current job in a completely new direction. An aptitude for computer skills is a requirement but only at the most basic levels as the distance learning courses for MCDBA accreditation are designed to take you through the course step by step. Using distance learning you can develop at your own pace with the full support of a tutor, as well as some classroom based learning sessions at specialist centres.

Retraining of any kind can be a daunting prospect, but as the world economy goes through a shift-change as the result of financial difficulties, many more people are considering a change of career. Training in IT offers everyone the chance to take advantage of new opportunities presented by the phenomenal growth of the IT industry, and database administration is a fundamental key role in that industry. For those who enjoy working with data it’s the perfect opportunity to combine transferable skills to a new marketplace and to advance into a career that can take you all over the world.

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